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Tuesday, November 24 2015

Beginner Web Design

An infographic on marketing

web designing - an infographic

Friday, November 20 2015

“My Very Own Travel Website”

I have been writing articles to all my travels since I was still in my elementary years. Me and my family usually travels almost every month visit new cities locally and internationally. And out of a habit, I kept a notebook and each time we fly, I will write the experience, the learning and about the place that we visited.

So over the years, my articles have piled up together with the photos. And most friends who have read my articles find it a waste just keeping it to myself or getting dusty on my study table.

They suggested that I put up my own website and share my experiences to the world. I thought of a free blog site at first, but they have a limited capacity, and it seemed with the amount of travel I have been, and a lot more, in due time my free allowance on the site would be full. So before putting up my website, I need first to find the website design Singapore.

Then after that I would be uploading photos to my travel site, and encode each article and upload it to my website with a couple of photos to show readers the experience visually. When I launched my website, at first it only contained a few of my first travels, and I update it on a weekly basis for now since I am still encoding my previous travels.

I immediately gained some followers and they would be looking forward to my next update. They left such a wonderful comment that made me motivated to write some more. One said that it is like actually visiting the place herself with the way I explained the details. Another said that it helped them come up with their travel itinerary on which place I went and what to see and what is interesting.